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Accelerate productivity by 'Klock'ing it!

Klock's planning and tracking options help in leveraging your team's performance. It also enables you to set team goals and convert all the performances to productivity.

Klock Features

Capacity to translate your plans to deliverables

Plan and assign resources to meet the objectives.

Klock helps in Identifying the team capacity and assigning tasks for better productivity. It helps analyze and streamline your team's workload by ensuring that you meet the scheduled targets without any bottlenecks during the process.

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Think in advance to schedule with Klock's Resource scheduling

Assign, control, and manage workload.

Achieve effective project management and productivity by optimizing the workflow and effectively delegating tasks to each resource.

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Measure and Measure with Metrics tracking

Measure the growth and performance of your teams

Performance metrics tracking gives an idea of how each team member is performing, achieving their objectives and goals, and bettering productivity.

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Managing multiple projects at the same time:

Visibility of each project nuance.

You can get an overview of each project and its individual team member's task hierarchy, including allocating resources, prioritizing tasks, each member task hierarchy across different projects, and assigning goals to bridge gaps.

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Tracking progress with Reports

Consolidated information in one place.

Get transparency and an overview of the projects, tasks assigned, deliverables, and other details of your team members just with a click.

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Keep a tab on what's happening: Time tracking

Get a roadmap of every activity by team's time tracking

Make informed decisions by accurately tracking the team's management of time against each task allocation. Create timesheets, disintegrate projects into smaller tasks. With multi-features incorporated, get all your invoicing jobs done at peace.

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Why Klock?

Know what your team is working on and when with Klock!

Tracking teams is now made easier with seamless streaming of their daily activities. With the Klock resource scheduling and tracking software, you rest assured as every log is recorded to precision and every team member is assigned task as per their capacity.

Highlights of Klock

  • Accurate tracking of productivity
  • Efficient resource scheduling
  • Metrics tracking
  • Visual time breakdown through reports
  • See the current and past activities of each team member
Klock enables you to track all these processes, thus meeting the deadlines well ahead of time.